30 Ocak 2009 Cuma

turkiye hungers for a hero

To watch The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting at Davos was very discouraging for me. All the positive initiations to redevelop Palestine have dissolved in the air of aggression and between the fiery glances of Mr. Perez and Mr. Erdogan. I generally don’t believe in diplomacy in my super simple public life. It is because I’m not a politician of ‘any kind’. On the other hand, if a politician (or politicians), who does have no idea about how to address his thoughts in a proper way, mustn’t be mentioned with that title.
I must admit that, when I first heard the last and short speech of Tayyip Erdogan at the news, a part of me approved him sincerely. However, after watching the whole meeting and listening of the each of the participants carefully, I realized there was nothing so heroic about Tayyip’s speech at all. Yes, I also believe the history repeats itself. I agree that the truth always being covered with lies and continuously veiling by the hands of power-kingdoms. However, I believe, he misjudged himself when he believed he is different than Peres. First of all, they both are likely to choose weapons and soldier-people (or so called military action) to overcome with any kind of obstacles. Tayyip Erdogan unfortunately couldn’t relate the dead at the east coast of Turkiye to the dead of Gazza. I know that ‘children, women and olds’ are composing the very borderline of the whole warrrrrrrrs in the world. The thing that I can’t understand is how one can separate a killing from another killing. Secondly, they are both some kind of dictators who treats their civilians with censorship and restrictions. And just like in Israel, nobody can do conscientious objection in Turkiye. These are not some minor similarities between these two but I am sure a historian or a political science student can overlay this kinship so much better than I do.
The other thing that drew my attention from overall speeches was the endless hopes from U.S and from Mr. Obama, as if he is the savor and the rigid peace runner in the world. How a war detester like ‘Tayyip Erdogan’ could easily forgot about US’s bloody history was another contradiction for me. The same is also prevailing to Mr. Peres, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon and also Mr. Moussa. However, I found Mr. Moussa’s speech very promising and encouraging compared to others. He is an intelligent gentleman. I will do more research about him for sure.

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